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In the Beginning...


In November 2003, four Christian co-workers, representing the management team for Rally Auto Group, Palmdale, CA, were moved to meet once each week to pray for God’s blessing over the work place He had provided for them.  The four began to meet for one hour each Wednesday before work at Crazy Otto’s Restaurant, also in Palmdale.  It didn’t take long before other co-workers and community members learned of the small group of prayer warriors gathering in prayer and thanksgiving for God’s abundant blessings and joined them.


As the word spread, the numbers increased.  Although food for their bodies was a part of the hour, their main feast was food for the soul.  Their numbers rapidly increased and the results back at Rally were becoming evident. The mid-week prayer breakfast was underway and soon, the “invisible God” was becoming  visible in the most unlikely of places...a car dealership.


Wednesday’s warriors had grown from four to nearly thirty, meeting faithfully each week for a royal feast of the King’s blessings.  They had long overflowed the restaurant’s booths and were offered the banquet room at no additional charge.  Truly the price had been paid 2000 years ago.  Week after week, a buffet was prepared and the people came.  As the invitations were extended, they were received.  The tiny fellowship of four now filled the banquet room to capacity as prayers, praises and the Word of God was shared.


After nearly two years of gathering, Crazy Otto’s closed its doors.  Looking to God for a new home, Wednesday’s faithful prayed and the Lord heard.  When the management at The Home Town Buffet was approached as a place to host the Wednesday prayer breakfast, the initial response was, “No, we aren’t open that early”.  But God, who opens prison doors and feeds thousands with a few fish and loaves, opened the doors to Home Town Buffet and provided the feast for all to gather.


Each Wednesday, anywhere from 20-60 people gather to feast at the King’s Table for a time of joy, fellowship and prayer.  Come and be blessed, all you “who hunger and thirst for righteousness,” for you shall be filled.


Accept this invitation, come and be filled...