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It is impossible to read the Book of Esther without seeing the overwhelming providence of God.  From King Ahasuerus' timely insomnia to Haman's march to the very gallows that he, himself, had prepared, we see God as the Sovereign King.  It is a book of the ongoing struggle of Satan against the purpose and plans of God.  In what appears to be a terrible situation of unfair persecution, we see that throughout it all, God is in control.

The Bible reminds us in Hebrews 13:8 that we serve our God Who is the same "yesterday, today, and forever."  How encouraging that is to us as   we look at the struggles we face in the world today.  Just as the Jews of Esther's day faced great uncertainty in their future, many people today wonder how they will survive in the trials they face.  Each year in late winter/early spring the festival of Purim that was instituted in the book of Esther is celebrated.  As with the people of God nearly 2500 years ago, even when we are faithless, our Sovereign God is faithful (2Timothy 2:13). 

It has been well noted that while there is no mention of God by name in the Book of Esther, He, like the unseen rudder of a ship, is very much in control.  The exciting story of the overruling providence of God could have been written just as much today as it was nearly 500 years before the King of the Universe made Himself of no reputation, took on the form of a bondservant, and came in the likeness of man (Philippians 2:7).  What a mighty and powerful God we serve!

At a pivotal point in God's plan, Esther was faced with a frightening challenge (4:5-14).  The response of her cousin, however, is a reminder that regardless of Esther's actions, God was in control and deliverance would come to His people.  We, like Esther, have the same opportunity to trust Him in the midst of our trials.  The same God who delivered them, is the same God who delivers us today.  We must determine to lean on Him, to have a Godly and teachable spirit believing that we are not a rudderless ship being tossed about on a stormy sea.  God continues to steer the ship of our lives, no matter how difficult it may be for us to see.  Nothing is accidental to the child of God.  He has us right where He wants us to be "for such a time as this."